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Scribing Dynamics Publishing started in 2002 as a writers group in New Zealand. A group of professional writers felt that there needed to be a better way for new writers to get their message across. With print medium in a steady decline even then they decided to start the Scribing Dynamics writers group that would network together experienced people in the publishing industry with the up-and-coming writer that needed their work to shine like crazy if they ever had a hope of escaping the publishing house's "slush pile".


With the move to Namibia in 2011 and connecting with experienced and knowledgeable people the the ideals that the company was founded on enabled authors all across the world that wanted to share their message a way to do just that. Acting as a consultants and guides during the editing phase of the Leadership book "Why Great Leaders are Catalysts" by Penny du Toit and Rowan van Dyk the company turned local leadership trainers into internationally published authors.


For two weeks "Why great leaders are Catalysts" became the most downloaded leadership book on Amazon.



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