Become a Podcaster

21 February 2019

What you'll learn:

* Learn How to Make a Podcast

* Publish a new episode in less than 15 minutes
(not including recording and editing time)

* Set up your own popular Podcast show

* The Secret to Ranking on iTunes, the 800 Pound Gorilla of Podcasting

* Discover How iTunes and Apple can Send Millions of Podcast Listeners to Your Show

* Discover How to Build a Fanatic Following of Fabulous Friends

* How to Choose the Right Microphone For Your Show

* How to Conduct Interviews Across the Globe



* A strong desire to learn how to start a podcast

* You should be familiar with your computer and where you store or organize your files, particularly your MP3 recordings for your podcast

* You should have a basic understanding of the Internet, how to find web sites, send email, fill out forms

* It is very helpful to know what topic you want to podcast on.

* How to find popular topics in your niche to discuss.

* You decide what your show is about. I show you how to never run out of things to talk about.


Date: 21 February 2019

Time: 18:30 - 21:30

Duration: 3 Hours

Cost: N$450

Includes: Training Materials + Tea/Coffee and snacks



learn to edit video in premiere pro

Are you interested in editing film and producing a video? You are in the right place!



A laptop or desktop capable of running Adobe Premiere Pro



Course Summary


Welcome to Introduction to Adobe Premiere. This class will guide you through how to use Adobe Premiere to edit video and get you started applying new skills immediately. This class also provides you example footage for you to use while you go through the class.


* Learn basic skills to become an editor and videographer.

* Import footage, create sequences, work with photos and organize your bin.

* Create cuts, edit cuts, and use tools to make basic cuts.

* Work with audio - adjust volume, create transitions, insert key frames and remove noise and/or distractions from your video with Adobe Audition.

* Create titles and color mattes – and learn about safe margins.

* Render your video for the web and other locations.

* Adobe Premiere, editing film and producing videos.


Adobe Premiere has gained increased attention in the past decade due to an increase in people wanting to produce videos, documentaries and company branding images. Adobe Premiere is developed for beginner, intermediate and advanced video editors and those wanting to become a video editor or videographer. Adobe Premiere has been used in major Hollywood productions down to amateur projects


By learning the basics of Adobe Premiere, you will be able to produce new, stimulating, exciting videos! Knowing how to properly set up your project, create and edit simple sequences, then add photos and music will have you editing in no time!


Who this course is for:

This class is for those who want to become an editor.

This class is for those who want to create a company training video.

This class is not for advanced editors or those who want to learn advanced skills.


Date: 7 February 2019

Time: 18:30 - 20:30

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost: N$450

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